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It is planned, subject to any COVID restrictions that maybe imposed, to reopen Dorset Bridge


First Half of Term - Tuesday 21st September - Friday 15th October (inclusive)


Beginners Course (4 week course – Thursday 1000 - 1200) - aimed at complete beginners who don’t even know the order of the suits! - Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs! (Due to lack of interest, we have cancelled this course for this term)


If you did the beginners course in the Spring Term 2020 and have played a little bridge or read "Playing Socially", then please come to the Next Step class.  If you haven’t looked at a card for a year and have not read the first chapter of Playing Socially and don’t intend to, then please repeat the Beginners course


Next Step Course (4 week course – Tuesdays 1000 - 1300) aimed at everyone who has done the beginners course or who can play a little bit of bridge.


Building on the Basics (4 week course – Wednesdays 1000 - 1300) aimed at everyone who has done the Next Step course and has played some bridge during lockdown or is happy to read the second chapter of "Playing Socially"..


Advanced Defence (8 week course – Fridays 1000 - 1200) aimed at a good standard of bridge - you will have done the Intermediate courses and maybe some Advance ones too or you play club bridge (duplicate/teams)


Second Half of Term - Tuesday 2nd November - Friday 26th November (inclusive)


Tuesdays (1000 – 1200)  Gentle prepared hands and some supervised play

Wednesdays (1000 – 1200)  Interesting hands (Intermediate level) You will most likely have done the Building on the Basics course.

Thursdays (1000- 1200)  Beginners Course (One two hour lesson per week for four weeks)

Fridays (1000 – 1200) Advanced Defence (continued)


The cost of all courses is as before - £185.00. Except for Beginners Course which is £120.00. The four week courses still provide 16 hours of tuition (10.00am - 1.00pm) with a quick break. (Beginners 4 two hour lessons)

Membership - £25.00 for the term
Interesting Hands/prepared hands/supervised play - £20.00 per session (2 hours)



If this all works out, we will be starting Intermediate and Improver courses in the Spring Term but please feel free to come to the second half of this term as you’ll still learn something. 







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